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As one of the most innovative concept builders in Europe, LEDCON is a leading company in which the organizational overhead is minimized to achieve maximum efficiency. We guarantee the highest quality of our LED luminaires, both industrial, commercial and residential.

LEDCON brand means also customer service and quality, combined with a professional entrepreneurial spirit first. Innovative ways of thinking are closely monitored and implemented where needed.

Our European production departments work very precise and punctual. LEDCON is solely responsible for lighting advice, light studies, yield and ROI calculations. Due to the short and very frequent communication lines with the production department and the R & D department, LEDCON is always aware of the latest technological developments.

Usually we work on a project basis. That means good and appropriate solutions for each project, as well as orders and deliveries on a project basis. This method ensures the quality of the products and solutions, in view of recent technological developments.

Streetlight (or street lighting) can be found along the way and other places in public spaces such as parks. In the dark, it is important that road users can estimate traffic hazard. Plenty of time Moreover, good street lighting increases the sense of social security.

The advantage of this type of lighting is that there is a higher light output at lower cost. In addition, it is a green product with very low energy and no maintenance costs. If the cabling is not an option, then this type of innovative lighting could be worth to consider.

Alternative energy production already reduces the industries ecological footprint on our planet. Now it is time to take the next step forward, ecological lighting. Our solutions meet with your environmental and business requirements. 

One press on the button and the light goes on or off. This is how we use lighting at home, this should be the way we can use lighting on the industry. LED lighting is the proper solution. This outdoor lighting also offers further advantages...

The sport lighting offers further advantages: it gives uniformly white light, consumes up to 70% less energy, can be dimmed at any light level, can be switched on/ as desired at any moment and has less maintenance. Due to the characteristics of LED...

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